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Back to School: Part 3: High School. YMC Physicians offer helpful advice


Yankton, SD —The time has arrived. Many students have been anxiously waiting to start their last four years of school. They can now refer to themselves as “freshman, …more…

Back to School: Part 1: Pre-K through Elementary. Helpful advice from YMC Physicians


Yankton, SD —Back to School can often be a time of high stress for families. Young children in particular can face extra challenges. Yankton Medical …more…

All About Osteopathic Medicine


An internal medicine provider is generally your point of first contact in a healthcare setting. Ideally, you’ll see your internist at least once a year …more…



A healthcare career is more than a job–it’s a dedication to a cause. At Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C., we understand that patients come first and …more…

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery


For most, carpal tunnel surgery time is minimal: within a few weeks, you’ll be able to get back to using your hand as normal. However, …more…

Winter Weight Loss


There was a time when popular culture presented a very linear view of body weight. Thin was good and fat was bad. Today, we know …more…

Staying on Top of Your Child’s Immunizations


Ensuring your child’s immunizations are on schedule can protect them from a wide variety of possibly serious illnesses. What is the Typical Vaccination Age for …more…

It’s Time to Get Your Colonoscopy


We get it. No one really looks forward to a colonoscopy.  Mildly inconvenient though it may be, a colonoscopy can literally save your life–or the …more…

Getting Tired Of GERD?


Heartburn is uncomfortable, but it’s also usually quite temporary. In most cases, the cause is something you ate: a spicy burrito or an extra rich …more…

A Day in the Life of a Nurse at YMC


Being a nurse at Yankton Medical Clinic, P.C. is a rewarding career that doesn’t lack for excitement. Check out Heather’s story and how her nursing …more…

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